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Steve McIntyre - Curriculum Vitae


Date of birth


Marital status

Steven Andrew McIntyre 28th May 1974 British Married

Home address


Email address

87 Kendal Way
CB4 1LP.
+44 7775 786572 (mobile)


Linux I consider myself an expert on all things Linux, from installation through troubleshooting to development. I started using Linux in 1994 using the Slackware distribution, then switched to Debian in 1996. I almost immediately started developing for Debian and have been doing so ever since. I'm currently maintaining several packages and working on the software we use to create and release Debian CDs and DVDs. For two consecutive 1-year terms (2008-9, 2009-10) I was elected to the post of Project Leader by the Debian developer community, helping to co-ordinate development within Debian and representing Debian externally.
Embedded development I have worked on a range of embedded devices, covering Network Attached Storage through to set-top boxes. I have a good knowledge of a range of specialised and general-purpose CPUs (Intel x86, ARM, PowerPC, SuperH) in this area, working on everything from bootloader level up to Linux command line and beyond. I have proven ability to deliver working device drivers and environments for application developers to use as a base for a variety of product solutions.
C I have a great deal of experience in C programming on multiple platforms. I have developed and maintained various pieces of software on multiple versions of Unix and Windows, at all levels from simple GUI programming through to device drivers and filesystems in the kernel.
Unix environment and tools My general level of Unix knowledge is very high - over the years I have used and developed on Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris and AIX, and I have had some exposure to HP-UX. I have expert skills in the common tools such as awk, make, perl, sed and sh. I have also used a variety of version control systems, with lots of experience with CVS (to the point of submitting patches to the CVS source code itself), Subversion and Git.
Networking I have a good working knowledge of networking, from raw ethernet through on-the-wire protocols up to application level. I have set up and maintained various computer networks, from cabling up to user management, system administration and firewalls.
SCSI and storage I have very good knowledge of SCSI due to much work in the area. I have written code to manipulate a wide range of devices, specialising in jukeboxes, optical drives and CD/DVD drives. I have also developed and maintained several filesystems, including implementations of ISO9660, UDF and FAT16 and more specialised optical filesystems.

Education and qualifications

Churchill College
University of Cambridge
September 1993 - June 1997
B A (now M A) & M Eng:
Electrical and Information Sciences Tripos
Deanery High School
Frog Lane
January 1988 - June 1992
S Levels:
Chemistry, Physics
A Levels:
Pure & Applied Maths, Pure Maths, Applied Maths, Physics, Chemistry, General Studies
AS Level:
English Language, English Literature, Maths, History, French, German, Chemistry, Physics

Employment History

Staff Software Engineer, ARM
March 2010 onwards
I joined a team at ARM working on improving support for their processors in the Linux and Free Software world.
Team Leader, Amino Communications
January 2010 - March 2010
I was asked to take charge of a team working on a totally new product at Amino. Despite ludicrously short deadlines and a lack of resources, my team and I made very good progress on the requirements set by the management team.
Senior Software Engineer, Amino Communications
September 2005 - January 2010
I was employed as a member of the core/platform team, working on a Linux-based IPTV set-top box. I became responsible for a number of key areas: maintaining the Linux kernels and other core software in use on a wide range of different platforms/processors; developing and maintaining device drivers; helping in evaluation of new technologies; working with technical partners; supervising and mentoring more junior developers. I also did much of the work needed to manage the Engineering network, including the source code repositories.
Senior Technologist, Plasmon Connectivity Solutions
July 2003 - September 2005
The group was re-organised again and I was charged with the role of Senior Technologist. This comprised a range of responsibilities: providing knowledge and technical support to the various product development teams; evaluating new technologies for suitability in future products; liaising with potential development partners and customers; providing technical training and mentoring for other developers; leading key time-critical development projects and helping out with development wherever necessary, be it in design, implementation, review or documentation.
Lead Systems Developer, Allstor Software / Plasmon Connectivity Solutions
April 2001 - July 2003
I took the lead developer position in the company and was asked to help out on the management team. I contributed some key work in the design and implementation of several new projects, and advised senior management in high-level talks about the future of the company. (In November 2001, Allstor was merged back into its parent company Plasmon PLC.)
Senior Systems Programmer, Allstor Software
November 1998 - April 2001
I took charge in developing some of the features of a new major product release during 1999. Doing this meant learning much more about SCSI and filesystems. I helped to represent the company at several trade shows and other occasions, meeting with end user customers and potential business partners. During 2000 I was given sole control of major re-architecture work on the company's main product. This project involved a substantial redesign and rewrite of the data path and many of the associated components in the system.
Software Engineer, Allstor Software
June 1997 - November 1998
I joined Allstor in June 1997 straight from college. I helped in porting existing software from Windows NT to AIX and Solaris and maintaining code on NetBSD. This involved learning about device drivers and filesystems and some SCSI.
Laboratory technician, Shell Research
Pre-university year September 1992 - September 1993 and various holidays until September 1996
I was involved in developing and testing new formulations of lubricating grease for a variety of applications. Initially I was just doing simple testing, but by the end of my time at Shell I had helped to develop some key new products, including some patentable technology.


I have a full UK driving licence, and I own a car.

I am a keen role-player. I was heavily involved with CURS, the University Role-Playing Society, when I was in college. I have continued to run and play in games with friends regularly ever since.

I am interested in almost all forms of sport and am willing to try anything, even if I have little skill. I am particularly a fan of motor sport and have attended several races as a spectator.


Available on request.