Subject: Re: Advanced skier? Oh really!
From: "Marc W. Mauss" <>
Newsgroups: rec.skiing.alpine

Then there was the time when the 7 dwarfs were walking down the street and
found a magic lamp. They became very excited, with visions of all their
wishes being fulfilled, and rushed to rub the lamp.

When they told the genii what they expected, he explained, "No, you don't
understand -- I'm not that kind of genii. I can't grant your wishes, but
I can answer three questions for you. If you ask the right questions, you
might be able to use the answers to obtain what you want."

First, Grumpy stepped forward and asked, "Oh great genii, are there any
dwarf nuns in this state?" The genii seemed rather surprised at this
question, but proceeded to answer it -- "No, there aren't."

Grumpy stepped back, and Sleepy came forward. He asked the genii, "Are
there any dwarf nuns in the entire country?" Once again, the genii was
surprised by the question, but again he answered, "No, there aren't."

Then Happy asked, "Are there any dwarf nuns in the entire world?" Again
the genii answered "No." At this response, first Happy, and then all the
other dwarfs started laughing. The genii could no longer control his
curiosity, and begged them to tell him what was so funny about this. In
unison, six of the dwarfs shouted, "Dopey slept with a penguin!!!"